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Membership of the club is available to all comers. We have various levels to suit your personal requirements.

The club operates both indoor and outdoor bowling and membership is requested via a form which can be found on this site on page Contact our Bowling Club

Membership types

Full member. This enables the member to take part in all activities run by the club.

Outdoor Only member. Here at the reduced rate, you are fully covered for outdoor bowling only between April and September. Our green closes at the end of September

Short Mat member only. The club plays Short mat bowling from September to April each year during the closed season for outdoor bowling. Here you have full access to Short mat bowling, league play and social events.

Social membership only. The is a yearly fee which gives access to the club house facilities and all social events only.

Membership rates

Full member. Currently £100 per year per member.

Outdoor Only member. Currently £70 per year per member

Short Mat member only. Currently £30 per year per member

Social membership only. Currently £10 per year per member

These rates are set by the management committee and agreed at the AGM which is normally held in November